Thursday, April 03, 2014

On Working Out...

I really hate working out. It is not something i enjoy and i kind of feel like the people who say they do enjoy it are just lying, both to themselves and me. I mean who would enjoy sweating and feeling uncomfortable? This being said i do enjoy the boost in energy i have after a good workout and it is because of this and the fact that swimsuit season is almost here that i have decided to start working out again. But i refuse to lie and say i enjoy doing it.

I am a big Jillian Michael's fan. Ripped in 30 and 30 Day Shred are my 2 favourites. The best part of her workouts is that they are 20min long. I find that very doable. I don't have time or money to go to the gym and i have two young kids that I can't bring with me, so at home workouts are my only option. The kids play or sometimes crawl on me while i workout but usually they can keep themselves entertained for those 20 min.

So please wish me luck and send a little perseverance my way, i hope that i stick to my workout plan but i also know that i may have days where the lure of the couch might be too much to turn down, i just really hope that doesn't happen more then twice a week!

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