Monday, April 21, 2014

Matts parents have been visiting for the last week and a bit. We have been busy visiting, playing with the kidlets and celebrating Matts Birthday. It was so adorable to see how excited Ava was to make Daddy a cake and sing him Happy Birthday, her enthusiasm makes even the little things seem so much better.

Here are a few pictures from our little Birthday celebration.

A few days after Matts actual Birthday we did something we never do, we left the kids in the trustworthy hands of Grandma and Grandpa and we went to the city to have a date night. It was a much needed getaway where we could solely focus on each other and have fun together. I feel like most of the time we forget to enjoy each other and we forget why we fell in love in the first place. All our time and energy is focused on the kids and by the end of the day we are exhausted and a little grumpy and have nothing left to give the other, this was a much needed break and a chance to just focus on us for once.

We went to dinner, did some shopping, went out for some drinks and then went to the new VIP theater that opened up (I highly recommend it, getting served drinks right to our seats was awesome and so worth the extra money). That night in the hotel room i didn't have to wake up to a crying baby or a toddler that had to pee at 3 am and i got to sleep in as long as i wanted, it was amazing! We have both decided that we need many more date nights, although we did miss our babies it was such a nice getaway and i found that since we have been back i am more patient with them and i am working hard at making sure that i take the time at night when the house is finally quiet, to spend some quality time with the man i love.

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