Monday, January 20, 2014

Those Warm Summer Days

Its cold and miserable outside, and the snow is so deep I cant even walk around in my front yard. The roads are icy and its dark by 5 and me and the kids are getting restless staying indoors. Oh how i wish we lived in a place that had more then 4 months of warm weather, not even hot just warm. But no, for some reason i live in a place that is winter for 6 months and fall for 2, if we're lucky.

So right now i am dreaming of warm weather and beaches and long days. I'm thinking back to the summer when we took a week trip to the beach and rented a condo on the lake. I'm remembering the feel of the hot sun on my face and cool water on my body. The way Ava would spend hours playing in the sand and the way she would would bravely swim out to the deep water with help from daddy. The way Knox would lie in the shade sleeping on and off, waking to eat, smile and giggle. The early morning walks we took as a family, when everyone else was still peacefully asleep and the late night feedings with Knox slowly falling asleep in my arms.

If this year goes like the last 27 years of my life, we still have around 3 months of miserably cold weather on our hands. To get through it i plan on drinking a lot of hot chocolate, cozying up by the fire and thinking of all those blissfully warm summer days.

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