Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Happily Ever After

I met my husband while we were still in high school, ok not so much as met but knew of him. He was in the grade above me. He went to the public school, me the Catholic School. He was really into hockey, i was really into my friends. We grew up in a really small town, the kind where everyone knows everyone. We went to the same parties, had some of the same friends but we never bothered to talk to each other and i'm so glad we didn't.

3 years later we found each other again. We didn't live in the same city but we still had some of the same friends and they brought us together. Our first “official” meeting wasn't very memorable. It was a crowded party and it was hard to carry on a conversation, but i still remember thinking he was cute. A few months later when i happened to be back in the city where he lived, i got really brave and arranged for us to go on an actual date. I picked the movie and set the time and changed my outfit about 10 times. The first half of the date was awful, like really bad. The movie was horribly corny, i tripped walking into the theatre and then lost my shoe on the steps. To make me seem even more clumsy and awkward, i managed to launch my phone several rows ahead of us in the middle of the movie. I kind of expected him to bolt as soon as the movie ended, but he didn’t and i found out that night that he was a pretty awesome guy.

And so we started to date. There were lots of highs and a few lows and the 3 hour drive every other weekend could be tiring at times, but we made it work. A year and a half later we finally finished school and moved in together. In 2009 we got married under the hot Jamaican sun with our closest family and friends.

Thats our “happily ever after” in a nutshell, a brief description of the last 8 years of my life. Our love has made me believe in so many things but my belief in fate, that everything happens for a reason, is one thing that sticks with me the most. I believe that we didn't meet when we were younger because we weren't ready for each other yet. We had to figure out who we were as individuals first. Had we met when we were teenagers i don't know if we would be together today. We each had to grow and experience a little bit of life first. I like the idea that maybe we could have grown together but i like that i grew by myself better. I am who i am not because of the influence he had on me, rather i am me because of all my choices, good and bad, right or wrong. We got lucky and met at the right time. Fate played a huge role in how we came together and I thank God that i was too shy to ever talk to him in high school because if i had, we may never have gotten our happily ever after. 

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