Friday, February 21, 2014

The Flu, Kids and Grandma

This last week we all came down with the flu. It was a knock your socks off, don’t leave the bathroom for hours; loose 10 pounds in a day kinda flu. Unfortunately it hit Matt and me at the same time so we had to call in reinforcements of the Grandma variety. Looking after a playful two year old and a very busy 8 month old can be hard and tiring for anyone especially when the kids aren’t feeling good, mom took it on like a champ.

Neither of my kids seem to like to sleep. We have tried various things but as soon as Ava was moved from her crib to her big girl bed, things like napping and going to bed easy disappeared. She also started waking up terribly early and nothing we do seems to help. Knox has never slept well. At 8 months he stills gets up at least two times a night, so all of this combined with them not feeling good left my mom feeling a little tired and worn out. As much as I hated seeing my mom so tired it was kind of nice to see that my job really isn’t easy. The lack of sleep I get on a nightly basis combined with dealing with the terrible two’s, a busy baby and trying to maintain a semi-clean household, really isn’t easy. Being a mom is hard and it takes a lot of sacrifice, its also not a job that gets a lot of recognition, if any, so when I see that I’m doing an ok job it feels like a small victory.

So flu, while you knocked us down pretty good you also helped me see that I’m doing a decent job at this whole mom of two thing. But please do not come back again for a really, really long time I don’t think my body could take it. 

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