Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hello Spring

Sorry I have been absent that last few weeks, a miracle has happened over here…it started to warm up! That’s right. I’m not just talking about above freezing temperatures; I’m talking about +6 to +10 degrees. That’s crazy at this time of year, almost unheard of really, so the kids and me have been busy spending as much time outside as we are able, soaking up that glorious vitamin D. I am starting to get greedy now. These warm temperatures are making me crave green grass, long days and warm nights. We even shovelled off our deck and put up our patio set, hoping our positive maybe slightly over eager attitude will rub off on the universe and keep the warm weather coming. To keep my kids entertained outside we have been dividing our time between sled rides, playing on the swing set, building snow man and snow angels and Ava’s new favorite, snow painting!  

While I don’t know how long these warm temperatures are going to stay with us, I am going to make sure to bask in every ray of sunshine thrown our way, to keep checking my lawn for patches of grass peeking out through the snow, and continue to pull out Spring jackets and let those big heavy winter jackets take the back burner .  Another thing to look forward to this week is a new activity my girlfriend and me are going to try out this week. It’s called Launch Pad and is wall-to-wall trampolines, so your little’s can jump to their hearts desire. I’ll let you know how it pans out; in the mean time here are some adorable pictures of my kidlets enjoying the sun.

The perfect place to take a nap :)

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